Art is a personal endeavor. It is influenced by life experiences that are as unique to each individual as are the snowflakes of winter.  

I have always been an artist......always. I was inspired as a young girl to be creative by growing up in a creative home. This environment included the visual arts as well as writing and music. There was nothing formal in this education. It was simply a place of appreciation for expression. 


I was interested in art....from Auguste Renior and edgar Degas to edouard vuillard and paul Klee. I loved poetry by emily Dickenson and robert Frost. I was melancholy while listening to Pachelbel canon and swooned over louis Armstrong. 

today......I paint what I remember from long ago and yesterday.....passing moments that drew me in with exquisite color or the light beneath a cloud......where the horizon meets the sky.

I am about quietness and order.....Laughing and and sentimentality.  I am about remembering and gathering my life's moments and interpreting them on canvas. 

Lisa Joyce-hill